Tuesday, May 29, 2007


congrats refs and cavs on making the series 2-2

but the pistons will still win in 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

c'mon pistons win this series!!!!!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

enjoy your day off everybody, a new post tommorow, breaking down the TE's.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

time for some michigan football coverage

Here is my super early michigan season preview: (part 1 of ?)

Michigan (probable regular season record somewhere between 1o-2 and 12-0)


arguably one of the top 3 offenses in the country. with mike hart, chad henne, jake long, mario manningham the wolverines have one of the country's top RB, QB, LT, and WR.

Looking at the various positions:

Mannigham is a stud, a legit #1 receiver. Hopefully adrian arrington will be available if not greg matthews must step up. If arrington is back on the team UM has a solid wr trio, and talent recruits coming in. Latrell Savoy has been a bit of a mystery, apparently he looks good on the practice field, yet cannot get any worthwhile playing time. If indeed arrington returns (i think he will) this receiving core should be tops in the big ten, and one of the best in the country.

Questions about the WRs - will arrington be back on the team, will savoy get to play, will manningham be able to rival his performance of early 2006, and will the freshmen earn any playing time, will antonio bass ever be able to play again and will debord and carr throw the ball since we have a vetern qb and solid wrs?

Probable starters at WR - Mario Mannigham and Adrian Arrington (Greg Matthews if A.A. is not back on the team).

Losses from 2006- Steve Breaston (graduated), Carl Tabb (graduated), Doug Dutch (moved to CB)

Incoming players: Zion Babb, Toney Clemons, Junior Hemingway

Preview of upcoming previews:

TE is a position of concern and mike massey needs to show he can stay healthy, because he is really the only TE on the team with any experience.

the O-Line is solid with long and kraus anchoring the left side. schilling and boren must step up for the line to be at its best.

Monday, May 14, 2007

I thought this was a michigan blog?

well rest easy loyal readers, it is a michigan blog, there is just such a lack of um football news at the time that it is very hard to find new and intersting um football news to talk about. granted some um players have tried to make news by fighting on st paddys day, getting pulled over, etc. however it is not my place to comment on these kind of issues so i prefer to stay out of them.

but as soon as september nears believe me the content will be much more um related, but until then enjoy some nfl coverage, and what ever else random coverage i decide to talk about.

more nfl draft coverage

hello amobi okoye, you are overrated and you will be a bust. you are playing for the houston texans who specialize in busts (see carr, david or williams, mario). Welcome to a team with no offense line, no direction, one wr and no running backs. you may look good in practice when you get to matt shaub because the houston 0-line sucks, but in a real game i hope you get stone-walled and knocked on your ass.

I watched you play against rutgers and wvu and if my memory serves me right you didn't do much.

alan branch is way better than you and will have a much better career.

wow your 19 years old, that don't impress me, but it does impress the awesome front office staff of the texans, and those guys are always right.

you will be a bust and the texans once again have made a moronic pick. but hey atleast they are used to it.

trust me people, branch will be much better for the caridnals than okoye will be for the texans.

the texans if they were smart would have taken leon hall and teamed him with dunta robinson that way they have 2 good cbs, because they play against peyton twice a year.

i can't stand the texans so i'm glad they screwed up the draft.


shut up and play or retire.

I'm sick of hearing about you complain about this and that. It's getting very old, kinda like you. The packers suck, you ain't making the playoffs so just retire already.

i'm sick and tired of you beating the lions, so just retire so aaron rogers can play and the lions can win.

whaaaaaaa-whaaaaaaaaaaaa, shut up you cry baby, make friends with mcnabb or something, cuz it seems all you do is cry just like him.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Quick Hits

Some real quick thoughts regarding the nfl draft:

These thoughts are in no particular or logic order and i don't care about spelling or grammar.

1. First off, D. McNabb - shut up. I am not a fan of McNabb, at all i think he is way overrated, and he is a big whiner. Lemme break it down for you mr. campbell's chunky soup....
dude if you are even remotley healthy you are going to start for the eagles, quit bitchin'. no coach in their right mind is going to start a rookie project over a former pro-bowler who is not over the hill, who has a mega contract. Look I love Kevin Kolb's game, and think he has the potential to be a good starter in the NFL, but he has played in the same offense for 8 years and that offense ain't the same as the eagles offense. that houston crazy run and shoot is nothing like the eagles west coast offense. i think kolb has a chance to be a good one, but there is no way he is going to start over mcnabb in game 1. Mcnabb why don't you quit whining get healthy and play football. mcnabb always seems to bitch about something, wheter it be TO, kolb, getting booed by philly fans, or whatever else he has whined about.
as far as i'm concerned mcnabb and shut it, get healthy and attempt to be the qb he once was.

2. i love the detroit lions pick of calvin johnson. kid is a stud. him and roy williams will be a nasty tandom. for the record i hated the charles rogers pick and he turned out to be a bust, i loved the mike williams pick and he turned out to be a bust. however, i loved the roy williams pick and he turned out fine, so i can only hope CJ turns out just as well.

the lions should put up some points on offense this year but that defense is awful, who the hell is gonna start at cb? i expect the lions to be losing a lot of 35-32 type games. my official prediction for the lions is 6-10.

thats all for now.

more real content coming soon, and as the (college) season comes closer the content will improve.


I just got done with my exams, and am now officially on summer break.

so i'll be able to update the blog regulary now, and updates will become more and more frequent as the season approaches.

briefly let me adress the Jim Harbaugh comments regarding michigan athletics/academics.

it seems like a lot of people are up in arms about the comments. personally my view point is this, Jim Harbaugh is speaking his mind, and what he says is truthful and not offensive.

he is the head coach of standford and as a result his sole obligation is to his employer. it is in his best interest as an employee to promote the school that is signing his paychecks.

harbaugh has always spoken his mind and even competed in a "smack-off" on the jim rome show, so no one should be surprised that he is being very blunt.

i would have a problem if he was trashing michigan as a football program or an insitution, but he is not doing these things. he is simply explaining that michigan like the vast majority of schools is willing to bend the academic restrictions a bit to get some players. wow what shocking news.

i would be mad if harbaugh said michigan sucked and swore alliangence to OSU, but he hasn't done this. and i'm sure this ain't gonna happen.

look as the head coach of stanford his job is to coach and promote his current unversity, and thats what he is doing. i have no problem with these comments at all.

furthermore harbaugh was undefeated against OSU and ND and he actually won a bowl game.
those factors alone mean we should give this guy the benefit of the doubt.