Friday, March 2, 2007

ranking the sec

same disclaimer as the last post.

first off the SEC West (I don't really like any of these teams, I can't stand kentucky baskeball, but i enjoyed Jared Lorenzon)
1. S. Carolina
2. Vandy
3. Georgia
4. Tennessee
5. Florida
6. Kentucky

Next the SEC East (Less contempt for these teams)
1. LSU (I actually would consider myself a tiger's fan)
2. Arkansas (I love the fact they have a RB playing QB)
3. Auburn (These tigers are A-OK in my book)
4. Ole Miss. (Kind of a tossup between them and miss state, the ogergon gives them a slight edge)
5. Miss. State (Were actually a good team in NCAA 06, with an impact scrambling qb and an impact jerious norwood at rb)
6. Alabama (I don't care for the Tide but can tolerate them more than UF and Kentucky.

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