Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sun Belt Preview Time

yes folks the time has arrived to start breaking down the conferences. Lets start with probably the worst 1-A conference known to man.

The members of the conference -

troy, mid. tenn., ark. state, fau, ul-lafayette, ul-monroe, north texas and fiu.

the team(s) to beat - (who's most likely to win the conference or make a legit bcs run)

obviously a bcs run will not happen for any of these teams, but one team must win this conference and make a bowl game.
troy and mid tenn. state were the top two teams last year in the conference and i see no reason why they shouldn't be the top two teams in the conference this year.

the cellar dwellar (who blows and will be getting their ass kicked on a weakly [get it "WEAK"ly instead of "week"ly???] weak - cuz these teams suck and will be probably lose double digit games)

fiu sucked, sucked, sucked, sucked, SUCKED last year going o-7 in the worst conference in the land and being a solid 0-12 for the year. i see no reason why they should be that bad this year.

players to watch - (the returning studs of the conference and maybe a few impact frosh)

Omar Haugabook the qb from troy is the only player i can think of off the top of my head, and therefore is the only player who shall be mentioned. and since no one really watches the sunbelt calling it players to watch is a bit of a stretch.
additionally the sun belt website mentions ASU safety tyrell johnson on the nagurski watch list, so he must be a pretty solid player.

crazy prediction - (who will win the conference)

my pick is troy, they won a bowl game last year, (albiet over rice) and they have Omar Haugabook returning who is probably the best player in the conference. I see no reason why troy shouldn't win this leauge.

mvp - a crazy pick of the offensive and defensive mvp for the conference.

offensive mvp - omar haugabook, qb, troy.
defensive mvp - tyrell johnson safety, asu.

*************** please note the "bcs" conferences will have real pieces and breakdowns with actual research.

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