Monday, August 27, 2007

Saturday Saturday Saturday

This Saturday at the big house michigan will beat APP State 45-10.

I'm not going to talk about the game anymore than this because Appy state is DIVAA and if Mich doesn't destroy them I will break something.

But here is a brief albiet informative Big Ten Preview:
First my predicted Standings (based on overall record):
11: Minn
10. NW
9. MSU
8. Indiana
7. Ill
6. Purdue
5. Iowa
4. PSU
3. Wisc
2. OSU
1. UM

Player of the year offense - Mike Hart (RB), UM.

Player of the year defense - Dan Connor(LB), PSU.

Frosh of the year - Regis Benn (WR), Ill.

Coach of the year - The Zooker (I think the fighting Illini go 6-6 and make bowl game and that the Zooker will be rewarded with this award).

Onto the national scene:

My Heisman pick - Darren Mcfadden (RB/KR/Wildcat QB), Ark.

My preseason top 10 -

1. USC
2. LSU
4. WVU
5. Texas
6. VaTech
7. Louisville
8. Oklahoma
9. Florida
10. Wisc


roy said...

Good job on your predictions! Feel smart now, do you?

alstream said...

Saw your comments on mgoblog. Yeah, this sucks. I was listening to Radio, so maybe the lack of visual dulled the pain... by 1 %

Curious, so what did you break?