Sunday, October 7, 2007


Congrats to Harbaugh, Miles and Kelly who all had big, big wins on Saturday.

Hopefully one of these men will be UM's head coach next season.

I'm amazed that Harbaugh can beat USC with a rather pathetic Cardinal team and every time UM plays USC in the Rose Bowl we get blown out.
Our coaching staff needs to get with the times, the game is all about matchups and attacking your opponents weakness. Our coach staff does not believe in this however.

Purdue looked awful against the Bucks, how will they look against UM? The coaches need to watch tape of the OSU game asnd study why they won and craft a similar game plan. Will they do it, HIGHLY doubtful, but as we have seen throughout this college football season anything can happen.

GO BLUE, pleas beat Purdue.

And on a completly unrelated note - Karl Dorell you are done dude, that EMU and his 87 yards passing put the nail in your coffin. Here's a tought - you are on a third string QB in a tie ball game - RUN the football.

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