Thursday, September 13, 2007


First of oregon fans just like your team and your coach you have no class.

Next off, Portland should have taken kevin durant, think they are regretting taking the 40 year old rookie instead?

Next up, the Buster Bowl pitting ND against UM. I'm gonna say this right now the loser does not make a bowl game. Winner salvages some pride but whats on the line is being remembered as the loser in this clash of the anti-titans.

Notre Dame has no Offense, Michigan has no offense, typically a great D beats a great O, but does a shit D trump a shit O or vice versa.

I don't know how this game is gonna play out but it is gonna be painful to watch for fans of both teams.

My prediction is that mike hart leads UM to 13-10 victory.

UM needs to win if not Clausen and the robot genius will get slurped by ESPN more so than usual and no one should be forced to deal with that.

As for other games - I'm picking USC over the huskers, UW over the Buckeyes, noles over buffs and the gators over the vols.

And I'm not sure who oregon is playing but I hope they lose.

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