Thursday, May 15, 2008

Looking back at some predictions

For the NBA I said:
DET over ORL in 6.
BOS over CLE in 5.
LA over UTAH in 6.
NO over SA in 7.

Pistons won in 5, so that was almost right on.
If Boston wins game 6 I will have been 1 game off in that series too.
LA has a chance to beat Utah in 6 - so that could be right on.
NO I really hope beats SA in game 7, if so that would be right on.

A quick note on the NO/SA series - wow how obvious is it that the NBA really wants SA to win? The reffing in that series has beyond awful. San Antonio has gotten so many cheapie calls - simply disgusting. Also, how about Horry nailing David West in the back and no call? Then the San Antonio fans chant "Horry, Horry." As if I needed anymore of a reason to hate those no class pompous asses.

If the Spurs beat the Hornets because West can't go, that will be bull. Kinda like how the SPurs beat the Suns last year because Amare was suspended. The Spurs may have some rings on their fingers, but their are at least 2 *'s on those titles. One for their first championship over an 8 seed in the strike shortened season, and another for beating a Cavs team that was so outclassed in the finals it would have been better to just award the trophy to SA, rather than airing 4 straight beatdowns.

Now on to my NHL picks:
DET over DAL in 5.
PIT over PHI in 6.

With a Wings win that pick will be dead on.

The Pit pick is looking pretty good too if the Pens win game 5 I will have only been off by 1 game.

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