Thursday, February 15, 2007

First Matter of Business

Since recruiting is over, and the CFB season is a long way from starting the first thing I want to cover is some of the debacles and crazy losses that have occured under Carr's tenure. There are a handful of losses that seem to defy description but I will attempt to cover these travasties in all their horrible details. Some games that will be covered include: Mich-Oregon 2003, Mich-OSU 2001, Mich-MSU 2001, Mich-Minn 2005, etc., etc.

After covering these bizarre losses the focus will shift to some of the most exciting wins under Carr, and I'll try to keep coming up with new UM football posts until the season nears. If anyone has any suggestions as to some of the more memorable Michigan collapses, choke-jobs, or inexplicable losses from the Lloyd Carr era, leave a message and I'll try to cover the game.

Stay tuned for further details.


Dan said...

jhs, don't forget the 2000 NW game 53-51 i think? yeesh. also, are you trying to disect film for these games and determine whose at fault re: skeme (coaching) vs execution? ie, the Herrman skeme vs Minn in 05 where, alledgedly in that last play, the D was shifted to the weak & long side of the field, but the Minn offense just ran away from it and that lead to the Marony 40 yard run to get the FG...vs the "it's just Y.A. Mundy, QED. skeme vs execution, i mean.

I would be very interested in seeing film of the 2003 Iowa game at A2 analysed: 31-13ish loss in the rain: what is skeme or execution? thanks for another M blog.

Dave110 said...

This blog looks like it's going to be really interesting, especially since a lot of these games took place before I watched lot of football. Thanks for giving me a chance to catch up on the years of agony and joy I missed out on!