Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Quick Takes

The UM Purdue 1996 post will be up sometime today probably around 7pm.

So with that formality out of the way allow me to rant on quickly on the chargers hiring Norv Turner.

Now I'm a big NFL (not as much as College football but a big fan nevertheless) and my fave team is the lions, so as they suck and are never in the news of note, I hear alot about other and better teams. One of these so called better teams the Chargers has made an awful mistake. Granted Marty ball has never won a conference championship or a Super Bowl, but i will glady take marty any day over Norv Turner. He was ran out of town in his last two head coaching stints. He took the redskins to the playoffs once, and did win a playoff game, but that was over the detroit lions, so that doesn't really prove much except that norv turner can beat the lions, and who can't say they have done that? After getting canned by the 'skins he was replaced with marty to clean up his mess, now turner has taken over a 14-2 team.

His stint in Oakland was just terrible, granted the Raiders blow but seriously Bill Calahan took that same team to a super bowl and norv turner couldn't even sniff a 500 season.

Nothing against Norv but he has proven to be a lousy coach his biggest carreer win is over the DETROIT LIONS. He is 24 games under 500 for his career, and although he is taking over the most talented team he has ever been involved with i can't seem him doing any better than 9-7 he's just not that good of a coach. Hey maybe he can prove me wrong, I doubt it but he has a chance to silence me and his critics.

In my opinion S.D. made a big mistake with this hiring. It was one thing when the pistons won 50 games and fired rick carlile because they brought in a proven winner in larry brown who lead them to two finals appearances and a championship ring. This is a 14 win team firing a solid coach and brining in someone with far less creditionals. The chargers were the joke of the NFL with Ryan Leaf at QB and Mike Riley coaching, and marty got them to the playoffs twice, I don;t think Norv Turner will have the same effect

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