Thursday, May 10, 2007


I just got done with my exams, and am now officially on summer break.

so i'll be able to update the blog regulary now, and updates will become more and more frequent as the season approaches.

briefly let me adress the Jim Harbaugh comments regarding michigan athletics/academics.

it seems like a lot of people are up in arms about the comments. personally my view point is this, Jim Harbaugh is speaking his mind, and what he says is truthful and not offensive.

he is the head coach of standford and as a result his sole obligation is to his employer. it is in his best interest as an employee to promote the school that is signing his paychecks.

harbaugh has always spoken his mind and even competed in a "smack-off" on the jim rome show, so no one should be surprised that he is being very blunt.

i would have a problem if he was trashing michigan as a football program or an insitution, but he is not doing these things. he is simply explaining that michigan like the vast majority of schools is willing to bend the academic restrictions a bit to get some players. wow what shocking news.

i would be mad if harbaugh said michigan sucked and swore alliangence to OSU, but he hasn't done this. and i'm sure this ain't gonna happen.

look as the head coach of stanford his job is to coach and promote his current unversity, and thats what he is doing. i have no problem with these comments at all.

furthermore harbaugh was undefeated against OSU and ND and he actually won a bowl game.
those factors alone mean we should give this guy the benefit of the doubt.

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