Monday, May 14, 2007

more nfl draft coverage

hello amobi okoye, you are overrated and you will be a bust. you are playing for the houston texans who specialize in busts (see carr, david or williams, mario). Welcome to a team with no offense line, no direction, one wr and no running backs. you may look good in practice when you get to matt shaub because the houston 0-line sucks, but in a real game i hope you get stone-walled and knocked on your ass.

I watched you play against rutgers and wvu and if my memory serves me right you didn't do much.

alan branch is way better than you and will have a much better career.

wow your 19 years old, that don't impress me, but it does impress the awesome front office staff of the texans, and those guys are always right.

you will be a bust and the texans once again have made a moronic pick. but hey atleast they are used to it.

trust me people, branch will be much better for the caridnals than okoye will be for the texans.

the texans if they were smart would have taken leon hall and teamed him with dunta robinson that way they have 2 good cbs, because they play against peyton twice a year.

i can't stand the texans so i'm glad they screwed up the draft.

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