Thursday, May 10, 2007

Quick Hits

Some real quick thoughts regarding the nfl draft:

These thoughts are in no particular or logic order and i don't care about spelling or grammar.

1. First off, D. McNabb - shut up. I am not a fan of McNabb, at all i think he is way overrated, and he is a big whiner. Lemme break it down for you mr. campbell's chunky soup....
dude if you are even remotley healthy you are going to start for the eagles, quit bitchin'. no coach in their right mind is going to start a rookie project over a former pro-bowler who is not over the hill, who has a mega contract. Look I love Kevin Kolb's game, and think he has the potential to be a good starter in the NFL, but he has played in the same offense for 8 years and that offense ain't the same as the eagles offense. that houston crazy run and shoot is nothing like the eagles west coast offense. i think kolb has a chance to be a good one, but there is no way he is going to start over mcnabb in game 1. Mcnabb why don't you quit whining get healthy and play football. mcnabb always seems to bitch about something, wheter it be TO, kolb, getting booed by philly fans, or whatever else he has whined about.
as far as i'm concerned mcnabb and shut it, get healthy and attempt to be the qb he once was.

2. i love the detroit lions pick of calvin johnson. kid is a stud. him and roy williams will be a nasty tandom. for the record i hated the charles rogers pick and he turned out to be a bust, i loved the mike williams pick and he turned out to be a bust. however, i loved the roy williams pick and he turned out fine, so i can only hope CJ turns out just as well.

the lions should put up some points on offense this year but that defense is awful, who the hell is gonna start at cb? i expect the lions to be losing a lot of 35-32 type games. my official prediction for the lions is 6-10.

thats all for now.

more real content coming soon, and as the (college) season comes closer the content will improve.

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