Tuesday, May 22, 2007

time for some michigan football coverage

Here is my super early michigan season preview: (part 1 of ?)

Michigan (probable regular season record somewhere between 1o-2 and 12-0)


arguably one of the top 3 offenses in the country. with mike hart, chad henne, jake long, mario manningham the wolverines have one of the country's top RB, QB, LT, and WR.

Looking at the various positions:

Mannigham is a stud, a legit #1 receiver. Hopefully adrian arrington will be available if not greg matthews must step up. If arrington is back on the team UM has a solid wr trio, and talent recruits coming in. Latrell Savoy has been a bit of a mystery, apparently he looks good on the practice field, yet cannot get any worthwhile playing time. If indeed arrington returns (i think he will) this receiving core should be tops in the big ten, and one of the best in the country.

Questions about the WRs - will arrington be back on the team, will savoy get to play, will manningham be able to rival his performance of early 2006, and will the freshmen earn any playing time, will antonio bass ever be able to play again and will debord and carr throw the ball since we have a vetern qb and solid wrs?

Probable starters at WR - Mario Mannigham and Adrian Arrington (Greg Matthews if A.A. is not back on the team).

Losses from 2006- Steve Breaston (graduated), Carl Tabb (graduated), Doug Dutch (moved to CB)

Incoming players: Zion Babb, Toney Clemons, Junior Hemingway

Preview of upcoming previews:

TE is a position of concern and mike massey needs to show he can stay healthy, because he is really the only TE on the team with any experience.

the O-Line is solid with long and kraus anchoring the left side. schilling and boren must step up for the line to be at its best.

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